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OmniMoney makes budgeting, tracking expenses, and monitoring investments easy and stress-free

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Automatic Imports

OmniMoney uses Plaid to safely import updated account balances and transactions as soon as they are available.


Track your  holdings and transactions and see how your investments are growing over time. You can also read up on financial news and other market activities.

No Ads... Ever

We will never sell your data nor share your financial or personal information to third-parties.


Catch trends and learn stats about how your cashflows, net worth, and other aspects of your finances change over time.

Build Healthy Financial Habits

Budgeting shouldn't be overwhelming. OmniMoney helps you build healthy financial habits so that you always know where every dollar is going.

Quick Review

Only have a few spare minutes each day? Quick Review shows you new transactions that have posted since your last visit, highlights any due or over due scheduled transactions, and displays your current spending power.

Weekly Update

Every week, get a snapshot of your account balances, upcoming transactions, investment growth, and remaining budget in your inbox.

The Best Budgeting Experience

OmniMoney focuses on speed, efficiency, and ease so that you don't have to spend all day budgeting.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Zoom through your budgeting using keyboard shortcuts

API Access

Access your financial data in other apps via the OmniMoney API

Beautiful Design

Enable Dark mode or light mode so that OmniMoney can fit your style

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